HP ENVY or HP Elitebook Which laptops are good ?

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asked Oct 7, 2015 in General by Sarfaz  

I am going to buy a new laptop. i had interest in these two laptops  HP ENVY or HP Elitebook. Is there any variation and performance difference in these two and also suggest me which is better in all cases such as rate performance weight etc


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1 Answer

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answered Oct 7, 2015 by Sourabh  
If you are buying HP laptop, you've made good decision. Now according to your choice I will suggest you to go for HP Envy series.
Reasons - If you search among the specifications of their models you'll get idea that envy having comparatively better than Elitebook. Also this is latest than Elitebook ( older series version), with more RAM memory and HD screen your work will be easier and goes for long. You'll also find variety of different shades of colours in Envy series laptops. Atlast I will say, choose laptop with latest and good configurations and according to your need.

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