Why cant I watch videos using mobile data connection?

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asked Oct 8, 2015 in Internet & Websites by 3aalakkannan (330 points)  
I am using android mobile .I wish to see videos using data connection.I can stream videos when my phone os connected to wifi source.I wish to know the reason behind my problem.Do I need to change anything in settings.Kindly answer for my question.Thanks in advance.


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1 Answer

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answered Oct 8, 2015 by SourabhPM (430 points)  
1)To stream videos you need data pack active on your mobile.
2) Further you can test the speed of your data connection.
3) Streaming videos on 3G network is full of joy, but if we go for 2G network it won't work properly as it consumes more data to stream video, so sometimes it fails to see videos.
4) If you watch videos on YouTube, there is option called Quality, so that you can stream videos in different available formats like 3gp and Mp4
5) If you having problem to stream videos, then you can activate this quality to the 3GP. So that it consumes less data.
6) If it still not work, try to change the network operator.

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