How is Google Adsense page-level ads on mobile earnings - better than normal ads?

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asked Sep 9, 2015 in Internet & Websites by Sarf Raaz (610 points)  

Google has unveiled a new ad format for Adsense users named as Adsense Page-level Ads. I have been using Google Adsense normal add units (responsive) on my many websites and bogs. Today, I have enabled the page-level ads options (both ANCHORS and VIGNETTES) and added the codes to the <head> section of the websites.

I've used the preview option by adding #googleads at the end of the URLs. Test was successful and I can see the page-level ads has been successfully enabled on my sites. Does anyone else tried this page-level ads by adsense? How is your CTR and CPC, and total earnings? Is it going very well than your previous formats or just same as old formats?

I'll keep you guys updated once I get performance report of these ads.

commented Sep 12, 2015 by pythonskynet (2,080 points)  
I'm also using it since September first week. I see no big difference in first week's performance report. I will check for few more days and get back to you.
commented Sep 12, 2015 by Sarf Raaz (610 points)  
Thanks, but where to check the stats of page-level ads (vignette, anchor/overlay) earnings and performance reports? I don't find it in my adsense dashboard. Please help me.
commented Sep 12, 2015 by pythonskynet (2,080 points)  
You should ask a separate question for different questions in this form, henceforth. To view the performance report of Adsense page-level ads (vignette or anchor/overlay), you should go to the "performance report" tab in dashboard and from the left sidebar, you should click on "advanced reports" and go to "ad behavior" segment. There you will find reports of all page-level ad types, earnings, RPM, etc.

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answered Jun 2, 2017 by pythonskynet (2,080 points)  
I have been using Google Adsense Page level ads on a couple of sites. One is India specific site and another one is US. The results are different. US sites with good CPC gets good earnings. However, compared to the normal Adsense for desktop/mobile content ads, Page-level ads are nothing special. Even, I can say that the number of advertisers are lesser than those of content ads.

Once, the company attracts good number of advertisers as well as good number of publishers on board with the new Page Level ads, the competition would increase and the CPC and eCPM would go higher with higher returns for the advertisers as well!

As it is just an extra option to add one more kind of ad inventory on your site, it is nothing bad to add it and enjoy the extra income from these ads. Remember this: More ads on your webpage, more people will feel annoyed by the distracting ads. Keep your content quality and quantity higher than the Ads to improve the user experience!

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