When will the NFS next part releases?

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asked Oct 10, 2015 in Technology by PatrickWilliams (440 points)  
Is there any possibility of NFS  next part to be released or that's it  Actually i'm a mad fan of NFS games started with the NFS but after that for a long time there is no release of NFS. does any body actually know this


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1 Answer

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answered May 26, 2016 by skiidex (180 points)  
have you tried the new NFS (which is actually Underground 3) on the PS4/xboxOne (which ever platfrom or console you are using)

the latest update for NFS was the 27th April 2016

i play NFS on the regular, and it is one epic game, the customization of the vehicles is excellent, even the physics of the game is awesome and detail in graphics. Cinematics of the game really well directed.

they brought back the arcade feel to the game. the game is not to short as well, a lot of missions and side mission and areas/views to take snapshots.

don't get me started on "pimping"out your ride, with some cool decal tools

take it for a spin.


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