Is there any jammer available for blocking cctv cameras?

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asked Oct 10, 2015 in General by XenMaster (290 points)  
There is a question in my head which keeps on asking me, whenever I'm crossing the cctv security cameras. is it possible to hack or jam them? or any gadgets available in the Internet, so that we can buy it directly without any hassles? please let me know, if anyone come across this..


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answered Oct 12, 2015 by PradeepKumar_E (1,110 points)  

Wireless devices

Jammer is something which jams the signals. If the CCTV camera is wireless then jammer can be used to stop the transmission until the jammer is on. And so there won't be any transmission.

Wired Devices:

 If it is wired jammer doesn't work in this case as it doesn't transmit through signals.

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