How to check the number of cores in a processor in both Smartphones and Laptop/PC?

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asked Oct 11, 2015 in General by PradeepKumar_E (1,110 points)  
edited Oct 12, 2015 by PradeepKumar_E
I need to know how to check the number of cores in a processor since processor has many cores based on that performance of the system is determined. It will be useful to know the number of cores in a processor.

commented Oct 11, 2015 by pythonskynet (2,080 points)  
What kind of processor you are talking about? Is it about computer/laptop processor or smartphone/tablet processor? Please elaborate.

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2 Answers

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answered Nov 21, 2015 by astromarine1211 (180 points)  
Wether its a phone or a tablet or a pc just know your core processors name and get the desired info about it.
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answered Dec 2, 2015 by Tushar_S (260 points)  

1.For Pc you can visit  and download the software to check all the info regardind your CPU.

2.For Smartphones you can install Atuntu benchmarking app from google playstore that will give all  the necessary information about your phone including the cores.

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