What Scripts are used to write the Excel macros and what is the procedure to write those macro?

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asked Oct 14, 2015 in General by PradeepKumar_E (1,110 points)  
What are the procedures to write macros in the Excel. Where the macros are being written also what is the script that is used to write the macros in excel?  Are macros easy to write and learn or else difficult.


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answered Feb 10, 2016 by kalpeshrp (140 points)  
Excel Macros re written in Visual Basic script. It is very easy to learn VB to write macros in excel to automate your  repetitive task easy. All you need to is open MS-excel and press Alt+11 you will see a new windows with name 'Microsoft Visual Basic application - Book1'. Book name may be excel file name if you have saved it. Then start writing your VB macro and save the file in macro enable format. Thats it next just execute this macro from excel developer menu.

NB: You need to turn on developer tab in excel. Learn https://support.office.com/en-us/article/Show-the-Developer-tab-e1192344-5e56-4d45-931b-e5fd9bea2d45 here how to turn it on.

Find below a start tutorial for macro writing and some examples

1. start tutorial - http://www.excel-vba.com/excel-vba-solutions-beginners.htm

2. examples - http://www.excelfunctions.net/Excel-Macro-Example.html

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