What is the difference between static ip and dynamic ip

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asked Oct 21, 2015 in General by 3aalakkannan (330 points)  
I always has a doubt about ip address ,whether they are machine dependent or port dependent.When I try to explore the same,I found some new terms:static ip and dynamic ip.What do they mean?Can anyone explain me about these things.Thanks in advance.


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3 Answers

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answered Dec 25, 2015 by aniket127 (140 points)  

Static IP is permanently assigned to you by your Internet service provider and cant be changed. Whereas your ISP dynamically assigns an IP address to your networking device using DHCP protocol. 

You have to manually configure your server to use the static IP address assigned to you whereas, each time you reboot your computer your dynamic IP will change.

Static IP is costlier than Dynamic IP.

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answered Feb 6, 2016 by arijitraja (130 points)  
Static IP remains the same over the course of different sessions or even when you reboot the machine. Its useful when that IP needs to be given permission for some website, web app or software, in which case we wont want it to change every time. Dynamic IP will choose any ip within the range and the appropriate gateway. Hope this helps.
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answered Feb 12, 2016 by Tausif Meman  
Static IP is provided by your Internet Provider and it is assigned for permanantly,While Dynamic IP is provided by DHCP and it will be change whenever your device restart.Static IP very helpful to use port forwarding and you can access lively permanant.

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