Why the Internet lags in HP Probook 4530s with the configuration i5, 4GB RAM, Windows 7?

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asked Oct 25, 2015 in General by PradeepKumar_E (1,110 points)  

Why the Internet lags in HP Probook 4530s  with the configuration i5, 4GB RAM, Windows 7 As my friend uses this. he faces lots of issues in internet and lags a lot. As there was comparison with my laptop?


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2 Answers

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answered Nov 1, 2015 by sivasucmc (200 points)  


With your laptop's configuration, internet should not lag.

Please check following things.

1. First make sure that your internet connection is good. Please try same internet connection in other devices or laptops. 

2. Even if your internet connection is good, your modem/router may have some problem. Please reset your modem or router. Please go through your modem's manual for steps for resetting.

3. If you are done with above steps, then you should check your internet browsers. Try Chrome, Opera, Firefox and Internet explorer/Edge. 

4. Then clear cookies, cache and internet history from your browser and they try surfing. 

Hope it helps

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answered Nov 7, 2015 by schoudhary (260 points)  
  1. First check internet connection speed, bcoz some time servers are busy & can't handle much traffic
  2. if speed is good then try to troubleshoot the connection, troubleshoot will solve the problems in configuration, connectivity, or problem in setting etc.... 
  3. remove any unnecessary extensions are not installed in web browsers
  4. Undo any change done in connection settings


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