how to crack civils with short period

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asked Oct 27, 2015 in General by aswinivenkatesh (340 points)  
I'm a civil service aspirant and mother of new born i want crack civil service with 8months preparation can anybody guide me in my preparation with public administration and anthropology as optional subjects

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answered Dec 21, 2015 by Usha (460 points)  
Just study! Yes,all u need to do is just study seriously. 1st thing you have to do is get up at 4am  and study.
1. Read newspaper daily leaving nothing ,especially editorial. Try to understand all the situations happening out there around the world.
2.Learn history .not just learning, you have to revise it as many times as possible so that you can remember.
3.Write exams ,they give you confidence that you learnt something and you will increase your self confidence.
4.In geography, you must be able to plot every place in the world, I mean atleast the country and states .
5.choose optionals in which you have interest for.! well. Eating good foods make you feel energetic and you can read for extra time and you will be able to remember much .
7.drink good water . take care of your health.
8.last but not the least! Be away from all social networks .! Just install some good news apps and read notifications often completely.!

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