How much can I earn from OLA,UBER as a CAR OWNER but not as a driver

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asked Nov 5, 2015 in General by babai89 (120 points)  
How much can I expect an approximate net income from OLA ,UBER in KOLKATA , India....not being the driver but as a car owner after all other expenses including payment of the driver ,maintainence of the car ,diesel etc.


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1 Answer

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answered Feb 4, 2016 by rajdeeppaliwal (140 points)  

Buying a car and renting it to UBER/OLA means you are hiring a driver paying him spending all the expenses related to car like Servicing,Fuel,Taxes and if any other related to CAB which are needed.

Avg Pay for Driver:12-15K
Fuel Expenses-3-5K
Servicing-3-5K per month

Cab earns you -40-50K per month.
So your take away money will be around 20K pm.

Uber is the right choice of earning good money but soon it will also be following OLA in cut offs and Incentives to driver.

And finding a good driver is difficult these days.

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