Should I remove 404 error page URLs from Google Search Console's "remove URLs" feature?

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asked Sep 16, 2015 in Internet & Websites by Sarf Raaz (610 points)  
Hello, I have recently setup a forum and before I install the anti-spam plugins and addons, hundreds of spam users have been created in my forum and many of these users posted spam posts on my forum. I checked these after 5-6 days of setting up the site. Now, most of these pages and users have been indexed in the search engine.

I have deleted all those spam users and posts, comments etc., in bulk. Now, in my Webmasters Tools(Google Search Console) I can see many "404" pages in "Crawl Errors" section of my website. There are more than 900 404 pages shown there. Should I remove each of these URLs from Search Index by going to "Remove URLs" feature of Search Console, or should I just select all of them and "Mark as fixed"?


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answered Sep 16, 2015 by pythonskynet (2,080 points)  

This was a serious issue prior to Google's revelations about such errors. According to Google's official blog post, If you deliberately deleted or removed those pages from your site or forum, you should not worry about it. The search bots will automatically drop those URLs from the search index in few days and it will not affect your site's search rankings.

In Google Search Console, just go to the "Crawl Errors" and select all those 404 pages and "Mark as Fixed".

If those 404s were not deliberately deleted or removed by you from the site, then you should redirect it to the right path. It's very simple.

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