My 32GB Samsung Galaxy S7 has only 24GB storage space

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asked Mar 2, 2016 in Technology by Michelle Obama  
My 32GB Samsung Galaxy S7 has only 24GB of storage space when I opened the box. It shows 8GB ate by the Android operating system, I think the TouchWiz also included in that OS thing. I have updated my OS, updated with contacts, apps and email settings. Now my Galaxy S7 shows only 15.5GB of free space without taking a single pic from my camera, nor shooting any videos.

I have made a mistake, I would have bought a 64GB version of Galaxy S7 to get more space. But, one relieving factor is, I can add a microSD card and move the installed apps to the SD Card that would further saves my internal memory by 3-4GB for sure.


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answered Mar 15, 2016 by Vigneshwaran (180 points)  
This happens with almost all phones. There is no separate provision in the phone to store the OS data and preinstalled applications data. So the phone takes it from the internal memory. Since u updated your applications it took more of your internal space. The second option that you mentioned varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, few allow for transfer of applications to SD Card and others don't.

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