Want to learn EDMs and Music Theory using FL Studio as a bedroom producer, best way?

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asked Mar 14, 2016 in Music/Instruments/Software by Johnson Dave  

I'm a beginner & I want to produce EDM's (dubstep, tech house, progressive house, trap etc) as a bedroom producer. What is the best way to learn music theory? I watch YouTube video tutorials of FL Studio & VST's like Massive / Serum but little do I know about melodies, chords & so on. Is it possible to learn them online? And, how important is learning music theory in EDM's? Thanks.


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1 Answer

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answered Mar 14, 2016 by pythonskynet (2,080 points)  

Hours and hours of playing around is working pretty well for me. I learned composing by constantly studying other peoples music, it wasn't until years later that i decided to learn music theory wish enhanced what i had already figured out on my own.

Pointblank music school or Ask Audio may be the two high quality online course choice. Not so expensive. If you don't have much money you can just search tutorials on YouTube. Music theory is important. You can know much clearer about what you are doing and also the construction of your tracks. It can bring you to a higher level of producing, instead of just playing or trying around.

The best tip for all is to look at what others made, sometimes you get cool projects from YouTube: Searching "FLP download "genre"" Also using others skeletons aren't that positive, since that's the arrangement. For some producers arrangement is known to be something on their own, sometimes great songs are arranged in a special way like Pink Floyd - Money. Also arranging in the different tempo note is often used in old music, but not that much in new era EDM. Also, if you want to put feelings on your track you can also create an automation with playing 2/4 of a bar with high speed and the rest 2/4 with slower speed, then you can achieve something called triplets. 

Collection of samples is essential, you don't want to have bad demo samples with watermark on your tracks, means some of your tracks might not be released. Or others might tell, you are a lame producer using not bought samples. Most often done by producers. You also will be needing searching royalty free samples, not a demo. That way you get clean samples. Had some problem back in the days, my partner used a loop from FL Studio Demos, even though he filtered it through and added so called rework. And a guy found that out about the sound, so I needed to clearly remove that sample and re release the track again.

Since you need sound, and most often producers are inspired to produce good music just because of the particular sound or preset. So mingling with a new plugin all the time is really good. Some often first instrument in a project is the key to the work. Often try to work at first on bass, sometimes on the synth, sometimes on the drum kit. Sometimes working 10 hours on one particular sound is cool, but don't over tweak it!

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