Learning trap music producing - best methods to keep in mind?

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asked Mar 15, 2016 in Music/Instruments/Software by Anjaan Arya  
I am learning to produce music and beats on FL Studio. I have also used Audacity for recording purpose. I will also learn Logic Pro and Avid Pro Tools soon, after finishing up FL Studio learning.

I am interested in producing trap music on these DAW. Can anyone give me best suggestions before starting to learn trap music production?


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1 Answer

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answered Mar 15, 2016 by pythonskynet (2,080 points)  

TRAP PRODUCERS!!! There's a reason everyone thinks we are all doing the same thing, it's because we are! Trap music is meant to be repetitive, but within that repetitiveness there has to be things keeping the listeners ear interested.

1) We use a lot of reverb so make sure you're doing it right, use reverbs using send channels.

2) Offset your drums and plucked instruments, pick some piano chords and very slightly change the velocity positions so they're not all playing at the same time. Do this for hats and percussions too- more natural vibe.

3) Ambience in the background is key, even when you think you can't hear it. It makes the song sound more full considering most trap music is very "simple" and not too fat (when the bass isn't kicking!)

4) Learn to compress your kicks to your subs!!

5) Saturation plug ins are key for a real unique, professional timbre; I only have ozone 5 and use it's imager exciter, makes instruments sound more warm and brings out its upper harmonics, again gives it a fuller sounding instrument and track overall.

6) Layer your pads and keys, for pads mess with different time LFO's; try adding a simple, low sine wave and make it wobble in different speeds with a pad and try to make them sound as one, the stereo enhancement is crazy (If you have Massive this works wonders)

Yo, keep the list going! What do you do for a more unique beat?

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