Clipping has occured, The signal was 6.80db over - Studio One export error?

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asked Apr 1, 2016 in Music/Instruments/Software by Ashish Johnson  
I am learning to create and produce music using Presonus Studio One Artist software (DAW). I have found some good samples/loops in the browse section and I have added it to the track. I have pointed the Start and End flags in the track. Now I clicked on Song > Export Mixdown and chosen my folder and other basic settings to export as a .wav file. But, when exporting the audio, a wierd error pos up everytime. It reads: Mixdown.wav Clipping has occured. The signal was 6.80db over. Would you want to delete the exported file?

The file is stored in my export folder, but that file has no sound in it. It plays, but no any recording or exporting happened. Could you please guide me?

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answered May 1, 2016 by pythonskynet (1,790 points)  
Studio One will not export your sound if it goes beyond some limit. I guess, you should try reducing the master volume in the mixer and make sure no sound reaches to top mark then try exporting. If this resolves, make sure you keep a Fruity Limiter-kind of settings or plugins in Studio One

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