Kik messenger verification not working, not able to complete the process

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asked Sep 20, 2015 in Apps/Software by Sarf Raaz (610 points)  
Hello, I have just installed Kik Messenger on my smartphone. When I first opened the app, it asked for my number and I provided to the app, then in verification page, app stands still and there is no continue button. Verification process not completing. What's the solution?
commented Jul 10, 2016 by weird.  
I have this same problem.
commented Feb 11 by navin kumar  
i am not getting verified for watching the videos

1 Answer

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answered Sep 21, 2015 by pradeep kumar (160 points)  

first of all you should uninstall that app from your phone, and then download the genuine app from google play

and then install again. remember the phone number you are going to provide should have active data plan.

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