How to claim a warranty of Eveready LED bulb purchased online that started blinking?

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asked Aug 8, 2016 in General by pythonskynet (2,060 points)  
2 months ago, I have purchased a set of 4 LED bulbs manufactured by EVEREADY, of 9W each. And, since last week all these four LED bulbs have started blinking in 5-10 minutes after switching it on. The blinking has started one by one and now all four bulbs are blinking. It comes under warranty as stated by the online website, this time Snapdeal.

Note: When I searched on Google for Eveready LED bulb issues, I have seen many people complaining about the blinking issue of the LED bulbs sold in between 2015-2016. I guess, the company is receiving the flood of complaints regarding this problem.

What I have done so far?

1: I have contacted Snapdeal customer care by visiting the "My Order" page and selecting Contact Customer Support in the Order page. I have explained the situation and submitted.

2: Next day, I have received an email from Snapdeal stating that it doesn't come under the 7 day return/refund policy. They have given me the mobile number of the seller and asked me to contact him. The seller is residing in Noida/New Delhi.

3: I have contacted him and explained the situation. He asked me to visit Eveready India's official website and go to the Contact US > Get in Touch page, here:

4: I have submitted the form and mailed them. Now, waiting for their reply. I will keep updating about this issue.

commented Nov 6, 2016 by Tarun Agarwal  
edited Nov 6, 2016 by pythonskynet
Was there a resolution??
I am facing a similar problem
commented Nov 6, 2016 by pythonskynet (2,060 points)  
When I made some research, their website shows a customer service center, which is 20kms away from my home. Do you want me to visit a service center just to replace a blinking LED bulb? They sell online, but no online service, where we can send the items to get the replacement, yet.
commented Dec 21, 2016 by anonymous  
problem resolved ?
commented Feb 24 by abhishek  
even i m facing the same problem.. pathetic after sell service with eveready the local shop keeper told me. i m not sure that there is any service available at all
commented Apr 19 by anonymous  
Contact 18002003445 for LED replacement
commented Apr 24 by Talukdar  
I am also facing similar problem. I tried to eveready's customer care service and recorded my problem, but no response from their side till now. Now, I am little bit scared to purchase bulbs on online portal.

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3 Answers

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answered Nov 23, 2016 by An aggreived customer  
Really pathetic after sales as far as warranty claim is concerned!
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answered Jan 28 by Harish  
I have exact same problem. Do not know where to exchange for warranty in Bangalore.
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answered Feb 19 by anonymous  
fuck that this is bullshit
commented Apr 19 by XYZ  
Contact 18002003445 for LED replacement

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