Why Snapchat Lenses update not working on Samsung Galaxy S5?

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asked Sep 20, 2015 in General by Madesh Kumar  
I have updated Snapchat app to get the recently released "Lenses" feature on my Galaxy S5. However, it's still not working. One of my friend has also installed it on Galaxy S4 and it's also not working. According to the Snapchat team, older Android devices won't get this feature as those aren't compatible with the application. I hope S5 and S4 are not old enough for them. It has all latest hardware and software, I think.


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1 Answer

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answered Sep 21, 2015 by Jian Yang (590 points)  

Hi Madesh Kumar, Snapchat is working on the issues and promised to roll out a new update on the Snapchat support, In the meantime, you can also try an alternative method to add lenses feature manually. I found this trick that worked for more users. I hope it will also help you!

Basically, this manual method also works on those  incompatible devices to add lenses features. Snapchatters need to follow certain guide or code works in variable tab in application. Once you follow step by step instruction, there is no doubt on enabling new feature. 

Checkout manual method from this link: http://mobilecomputingtoday.co.uk/806/snapchat-lenses-working-error-fixed-manually-apple-devices/        

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