Feature update to Windows 10, version 1607 installation stuck at 5 percent

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asked Nov 23, 2016 in Apps/Software by pythonskynet (1,700 points)  

I have setup a new PC and installed Microsoft original Windows 10 Home full version. All is well and now I am updating my OS for all latest versions. It's been more than 8 hours and still the update process hasn't completed. In the Windows Update Settings, I was looking at all the updates were in queue and in Downloading/waiting for installation mode. Now all completed and the installation process has begun, but when it comes to install "Feature update to Windows 10, version 1607" it stuck at 5% from very long. Tried restarting the PC and started the process again. But still, stuck at 5 percent mark.


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answered Nov 23, 2016 by pythonskynet (1,700 points)  
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I thought it was a problem. But after waiting for it for a few more minutes, it continued to 8 percent and then completed. Now the update has been completed and my system is installing the update. In this process, it has restarted many times before booting up to normal. It's a normal process.
If you are stuck while downloading the Windows updates, then you should check your Internet connection or the Internet speed once. If it's stuck during installation, then you don't worry. It will be completed faster depending upon your computer configurations.

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