Number tracing checking by dialing *#62# true? My calls are being recorded?

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asked Nov 26, 2016 in General by Afreen Shah  
I have received a message on WhatsApp which says:

Be Alert. If you want to check whether your mobile phone number is in trace list or not, dial *#62# and see the results. If you see a "Not Forwarded" message on your screen, then your number is not being traced. And if you receive a message and if it shows a new number and "Call Forwarding", then your phone number is being traced. All your phone calls are being recorded in a server. Read the original message below (which has Hindi language).

Be Alert..
अगर आपका फोन न
number trace pr h ya nhi.. इसे चैककरने के लिये
*#62#  डायल करे
 Screen पर Not forwarded लिखा हो तो
 trace पर नही है

अगर call forward लिखा
हो एक नये  number screen पर आए तो समझो
आपका number trace पर है।
आप की सभी बाते रिकार्डिंग
हो रही है।

Grp mein sbhi ko share kre..
commented Nov 26, 2016 by pythonskynet (1,790 points)  
I have got this message too and when I checked mine is showing a new number for call forward. It's a Tata Docomo (India) Divert number -  09030955003. I don't know if it is all about phone recording/tracing or tracking. I will do some research and I will update here. My number is a Tata Docomo number though.

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answered Dec 13, 2016 by anonymous  
Don't worry, it is not about teaching or tracking...
If you activated any service to send you message when you're in not reachable or when your phone is not picked up...
If activated " missed call Alert"...
You will receive this message...

To find it..go to...
Call forwarding settings in your mobile and know this feature...

Take care...

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