Received MIUI V8.1.4.0.MXDMIDI software update (Android) for Xiaomi Mi4 yet?

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asked Dec 15, 2016 in Apps/Software by pythonskynet (1,740 points)  

Hi guys. Just now, I have received an update to my 64GB Xiaomi Mi4 (Global) smartphone. It's a MIUI8 update. Below are the details of the update. If you have received the same update, please share your experience with this ROM.

MIUI V8.1.4.0.MXDMIDI stable version of MIUI8 inside a 818 MB package. Update notification received through Over the Air (OTA).


  1. New - Three-fingered swipe for screenshots
  2. New - The app order in quick sharing is dynamically sorted by usage frequency
  1. Optimization - Improves system security.
  1. New - Set your lock screen wallpaper as the conversation background.
  1. Optimization - Opening contacts in messaging
Lock screen, status bar, notification bar:
  1. Optimization - Tap the date in the status bar to open calendar
  2. Optimization - Swipe down for toggles, rearrange toggles
  3. Fix - Holding a notification didn't give any results
  4. Fix - Notification shade issues in second space
  5. Fix - Status bar wasn't working properly with third party themes in some cases
  6. Fix - Issues with volume level notification in second space when using earphones
  7. Fix - Weather widget issues
  1. Optimization - Changing wallpaper in editing mode
  2. Optimization - Hold the empty spot on the home screen to enter the editing mode
  3. Optimization - Exit recents automatically to take a call
  4. Fix - Issues with icons after reflashing the device
  5. Fix - FC issues in hidden notes
  6. Fix - Device didn't respond after updating and rebooting
  7. Fix - FC issues when switching between themes
  8. Fix - Messaging app icon wasn't marked when messages were received in second space
  9. Fix - Time flashed in status bar when pressing home button
  10. Fix - Time wasn't showing in status bar in some cases
  1. New - Three-fingered swipe for screenshots
  2. New - Slide down to exit fullscreen preview
  3. New - Turn off screenshot sound in screenshot settings
  4. New - The app order in quick sharing is dynamically sorted by usage frequency
  1. New - Introducing privacy protection password
Permissions manager:
  1. New - Added permissions for lock screen and background notifications
  1. New - Delete synced recordings from the device keeping them in the cloud
  1. New - C button clears current calculation, AC clears all history
  2. New - Automatic font size adjustments for the numbers you enter
  3. New - Long press the numbers to convert them to the Chinese financial characters
  4. Optimization - Colored backgrounds for alarm
Quick Ball:
  1. New - Swipe to the edge of the screen to hide Quick ball
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