Warcraft 3 update very slow. Stuck at 73%

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asked Apr 28 in Gaming by Ashiq  
When I opened Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne and tried to connect to Battlenet game started downloading an update and it asked me to click on Restart button on the game window. When I clicked on the restart button it shutdown the game and a new warcraft 3 frozen throne game update wizard showed up. It begins with zero percent and moved until 73 percent and seems like very slow hereafter. Anyone else facing this problem? Or the game update itself is much bigger?

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answered Apr 28 by pythonskynet (1,790 points)  
By the time you read this answer, I hope you would have completed the updating process. It's not a problem. The update file seems to be as much as 1GB in size. This is the second biggest update since the recent 1.27a patch update.

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