Are black chicken, meat and eggs real or fake?

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asked Jun 8 in Fake vs Real by Ashish Kannan  
There was a Facebook post by a page about black chicken with meat, organs, beak and eggs, everything black in color! I was surprised and wanted to know whether it's real or just a photoshop work. I have Googled enough to find that the black colored chicken (hen and rooster both!) is real and it's found in Indonesia. In India, there is a breed called Karinkozhi or Kadaknath, which can be found in South India.But I am unable to find the facts about the black chicken eggs. Is it real or fake?

Here is the photo which was shared on social media:


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answered Jun 8 by pythonskynet (2,080 points)  
edited Jun 10 by pythonskynet

Chicken with black feather, black meat and black beak is real. There is a breed called Ayam Cemani in Indonesia which is completely black in color. Similar breed is available in India too in the name of Kadaknath. In southern part of India, it's called as Karinkozhi.

However, the eggs of these breeds are not black in color. They are cream+light pink in color. If you have seen black eggs along with the black chicken rooster or hens, then it's fake. Most probably, those eggs are from Emu.

Here is a detailed article:

UPDATE: Plastic eggs, fake eggs and synthetic eggs from China are hoax. You can read more about fake eggs here:

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