IQ Option trading platform is down - server down, maintenance, hacked or scam? (Online Now)

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asked Nov 23, 2017 in Internet & Websites by pythonskynet (2,080 points)  
edited Nov 23, 2017 by pythonskynet

Update: The platform is up and running now.. No words from IQ Option side.. Let's wait for their reason.

Looks like, IQ Option trading platform (Forex, Binary, Cryptocurrency) is offline and there is a widespread anger all over the world by its customers. Since approximately 1 hour, the trading platforms Android app, iOS app and PC/Mac apps are not connecting to their servers.

It's customers (even I am one of the user) are worrying more because they have not even updated about the situation through their social media channels on Facebook and Twitter. Some users claim that their hotline number (phone number) is dead (and/or not picking up calls).

Many customers trading is in OPEN position and most of them will lose money (even some may gain money because of the down time). However, a trading platform should not go down like this for this long.

Now the only way left for them to retain their customers is to compensate them or lure them. For example, by giving them free OTN tokens as an apology. Let's hope they will be back online soon. If not, we all doomed :(

No reason has been given yet. I will update this thread soon.


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answered Dec 28, 2017 by Lucas  
Hi Guys,

The platform is down again since yesterday December, 28th. I hope this guys are genuine.

I checked their facebook page and no word of this crash.

What do we do guys. Should I just panick and withdraw all my money or I should hold on.

Maybe this crash is a virus from north korea lmao!

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