how to install a new ROM on lenovo K3 note

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asked Sep 23, 2015 in Technology by anonymous  

commented Sep 23, 2015 by pythonskynet (2,080 points)  
Which ROM you want to install on Lenovo K3 Note?  It will be better for our community to ask questions in detailed so that it will be easier to get answers.

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1 Answer

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answered Oct 11, 2015 by jsharma44 (340 points)  
follow these procedure for any android phone.

Requires Pc or laptop, ADB and fastboot knowledge and your time.

1. Root your phone. install a custom recovery. search on google for tutorials. a backup of your current rom. go to recovery > backup
3.find suitable rom and put it on your sd card.
4. go to recovery and update zip from card and select rom.
4. now it will flash new rom. delete dalvik cache and cache partition.
5. Reboot

1. it will void your warranty.
2. can brick your phone.

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