What are the Advantages of using Windows Mobile??

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asked Oct 7, 2015 in Technology by Azhagar  
Can you suggest me the Features of Windows Mobile - I know about the draw backs of windows mobile.But I dnt know the difference of using Android Mobile Vs Windows Mobile.Mainly i dnt know about which application used mainly in Windows Mobile.


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2 Answers

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answered Oct 7, 2015 by SourabhPM (430 points)  
There are no freezes and it works extremely smooth on windows phones. You'll not be bothered by so many ads and notifications. Also most of the PC, laptops we buy are having windows platform and you get the benefit here. Connecting your phone to your PCs or laptops is easy task in case of windows. Also the best personal assistant in the world CORTANA will work great for you.
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answered Feb 1, 2016 by singh8919 (140 points)  
1. Cortana

2. MS Office

3. Easy Connection with PC

4. No Hiccups like hanging problems

5. Easy data management with OneDrive

6. Windows 10 coming on mobiles

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